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      Universal Dance Muzik (U.D.M.) has helped keep some of Montreal's leading restaurant/bar and club dance floors full and entertained for over 15 years, so if you own or manage an establishment like this you have come to the right place. DJ Stereo Mike, U.D.M.'s owner/operator/dj has held residencies in some of Montreal's busiest pubs/clubs.

   What is the cost for the service?
Each bar/restaurant or club is different, so we will work directly with you to ensure the music caters to the crowd and atmosphere you want in your venue.

   The cost of the DJ is based on venue location, equipment needed & hours. We do however offer an introductory offer before you make your final decision on your resident Dj or event Dj. We take the hassles away from booking a DJ for your establishment.

UDM DEEJAYS Want to offer more to your clients to enhance their experience at your club/restaurant? Interested in having music videos playing on your screens? If so, your clients will be entertained by listening and watching their favourite tunes on HDTV screens! Ask about our Video DJ (Veejay) Services.


We offer the best competitive rates in Montreal for your business!
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